Best SSD brand and series in BD
If you want to get an SSD for your Laptop or Desktop PC then there are various brand choices available. Most noteworthy SSD brands are Western Digital, Intel, HP, PNY, Transcend, TEAM, Lexar, SanDisk, Patriot, ZADAK, Seagate, TwinMOS, Corsair, Samsung, Kingston, Apacer, ADATA, Gigabyte, AITC KINGSMAN, Netac, TRM, Dahua, Patriot, Addlink, Dahua, COLORFUL, Teutons, Silicon Power, Walton, Galax, SK Hynix and many more.

Type of SSDs Available to buy
There are a few key things that every potential buyer must know before buying the SSD.SSDs are in theory just like a Hard disc drive. But they are made with stacked NAND cells. These cells are used in Smaller Chips like memory cards. They consume very low power. SSD or Solid-state Drives support only three types of interface for connecting to a PC or a Laptop. The most common type of SSD is for Desktop PCS. Their supported connectivity is Serial-ATA or SATA. SATA is the same interface used by HDD drives in desktop PCs. They have variable generations from 1 to 4 with a supported connector port ranging from 2.5 to 3.5 inches. SSDs have saturated disk bandwidth to ensure a faster speed. It supports 2.5 inches SATA HDD form factor, which requires a SATA DATA cable, and a SATA power cable. A SATA-connected SSD supports around 500 MB/s Reading and writing speed. These SSD’s are best for desktop PCs. It is nearly 5 times faster than a regular HDD.