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Adata XPG SPECTRIX D60G RGB 8GB DDR4 3600MHz Gaming Desktop RAM

Key Features

  • Model: Adata XPG SPECTRIX D60G
  • 8GB DDR4 3600MHz
  • CAS Latency: CL18-20-20
  • Operating voltage: 1.35V – 1.4V
  • RGB Heat Sink


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Key Features
Capacity 8GB
Frequency 3600Mhz
Operating voltage 1.35V – 1.4V
Latency CL18-20-20
Physical dimension
Dimension 133.35 x 45.93 x 8.4mm
Heat Sink Color RGB Heat Sink
Pin 288 Pin
Warranty Information
Warranty Life time warranty


Adata XPG SPECTRIX D60G RGB 8GB DDR4 3600MHz Gaming Desktop RAM

Adata D60G RGB Gaming RAM comes with 8GB D60G DDR4 3600MHz capacity. This RAM is built with high-quality chips and a metal heat sink for excellent signal integrity, reliability, and stability, which effectively extends the lifespan of the memory module. The fully exposed RGB light strips are extra-wide for maximum effect. Combined with a mesmerizing multi-colored flow effect. The D60G Gaming RAM sports more RGB lighting per mm than any other memory module out there, 9,497mm to be exact. That equates to over 60% of the module’s surface area. The unique avant-garde styling of the D60G will turn heads and also includes an edgy X-light design with a diamond-inspired, multi-faceted surface that’s a cut above the rest. This new exclusive Adata D60G RGB RAM has lifetime warranty.



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