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Thermaltake TOUGHRAM 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop RAM

Key Features

  • MPN: R017D408GX2-3200C16A
  • Model: TOUGHRAM
  • Tightly-Screened ICs, Superior Anodized Aluminum
  • 8GB DDR4 3200MHz, XMP 2.0 Ready
  • Optimized 10-Layer PCB with 2oz Copper PCB
  • High-Quality Gold Fingers


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Key Features
Type DDR4
Capacity 8GB
Frequency 3200MHz
Operating voltage 1.35 V
Latency 16
Physical dimension
Dimension 5.32 x 1.32 x 0.28 inches
Heat Sink Color brushed aluminum heat sinks
Warranty Information
Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty


Thermaltake TOUGHRAM 8GB 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop RAM

Thermaltake TOUGHRAM Desktop RAM delivers outstanding gaming performance with its stunning aesthetical design. In this desktop RAM, its pure aluminum heat-sinks enhance heat dissipation, and also offers durable construction. In addition, the brushed aluminum heat sinks and the 98g/0.22lb modules provide a more sturdy touch for the user, revealing true elegance from the inside out. This Thermaltake desktop RAM featured with 8GB DDR4 3200MHz capacity, 16 latency, DIMM module, 1.35 V voltage.


This Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RAM Designed with the TT logo, crafted with style. TOUGHRAM’s chrome strips TT Premium, which values high-end product quality for PC DIY solutions. In this RAM, The texture of the aluminum reveals pure tidiness and the brush-finished strokes running down the entire module creates a unique flowing design.

Exquisite Design with a Fine Touch:

TOUGHRAM’s series RAM is designed with an exquisite heat sink, Its overall construction is durable and is finished with a high-quality alloy. And also This RAM delivers a fine touch to your hand.

Optimized 10-Layer PCB with 2oz Copper PCB:

Here, the desktop RAM is optimized 10-layer PCB. In this Desktop RAM, the 2oz copper inner layer provides enhanced electricity conduction to deliver uncompromised speed with the reliability for maximum overclocking performance.

High-Quality Gold Fingers & Intel XMP 2.0 Ready:

In this Thermaltake TOUGHRAM 3200MHz DDR4 Desktop RAM Use of 10μ gold fingers for enhanced durability and high wear resistance. You can also monitor real-time temperature, frequency, and performance via the simple interface with ease.

Extra Sturdy. Absolute Toughness:

This Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RAM module weights up to 98g/ 0.22lb and has a width spanning 1.8mm, It helps to deliver outstanding heat dissipation, and also it brings out absolute toughness from the inside out.

Superior Anodized Aluminum & Tightly-Screened ICs:

The new TOUGHRAM series RAM is built with superior anodized aluminum for its sleek appeal. In this Desktop RAM, the brushed finish prevents its surface from unwanted smudges. In this Thermaltake TOUGHRAM RAM, Memory chips are thoroughly screened to provide optimal frequency and response time performance.

This desktop RAM supports with Intel 500, 400, 300, 200, 100, X299 Series, and AMD X570, B550 motherboards. The Latest Thermaltake TOUGHRAM 3200MHz 8GB DDR4 Desktop RAM comes with Limited Lifetime Warranty.


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